Sunday Services

Here at Langley Free we hold a service in the sanctuary each Sunday at 10:30am.

Generally our service comprises of; welcome / prayers / worship songs & hymns / bible reading(s) / a children's slot and of course teaching in the form of a message/sermon. We also hold a Communion Service at least once a month (usually the 2nd Sunday).

The children join with the congregation at the beginning of the service and go out to Sunday School part way through (for more information see the Sunday School page). Apart from the first Sunday of the month which is an All Age Service when the children stay in for the whole service.

Like many Churches we started recording and live-streaming our services through Covid and the lockdowns from April 2020, and we have continued to do so.


Our most recent, or next, live stream, is...

To go to previously recorded or live streamed services click here.


A few people have asked what our service recording and live-streaming set-up is. Here’s a brief history/summary of what we have done and are now doing…

From April 2020 to March 2021 we used recorded segments from different contributors (readings, sermons, etc.), including making our own lyric videos with our on music group which were all “stitched” together to form a single pre-recorded service that was scheduled as-live at our regular service time on our YouTube channel.

As our capabilities and resources grew, as well as being able to meet in person, we upgraded to full live-streaming in April 2021. We started using the Logitech/Mevo Start camera and multi-cam app ecosystem for this.

For about 10-months we used a combination of the Mevo multi-cam app, RTMP streaming to a local Mona server and using screen share to Stream Yard for multi-destination streaming to YouTube and Facebook. Around Easter 2022 the Mevo multi-cam app had all the features we needed so we simplified the configuration and moved away from Stream Yard and Facebook streaming to just YouTube.

The current set-up takes audio from the main sanctuary analogue mixing desk (via per channel effects/return cable “tapping”) to a dedicated small digital desk so that we can create and control an audio mix for the stream; the mixed output is fed into one of the Mevo cameras that auto-magically synchronises and lip-sync’s audio with video across all cameras. Our main projector display is duplicated to a separate monitor screen which one of the Mevo cameras points at – low tech, but effective!

Our plan going forward is to;
  #1 Switch to Easy Worship v7 with NDI output (instead of a camera pointing at a screen).
  #2 Mevo Start cameras converted to NDI output (instead of multi-cam working).
  #3 OBS/vMix, using NDI camera inputs, for streaming to YouTube with camera combinations and digital zoom presets (scenes).
  #4 Repurpose the camera currently capturing the projector display for additional camera angles.
  #5 Microphone improvements for ambient/congregation pick-up.




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