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Good news: we have resolved the ongoing audio quality during songs issue and will continue to monitor in case of a re-occurance.

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Sunday Service (live) - 15th May 2022 - The Effects of Resurrection are far Reaching and Eternal
The service will is led by Ann with the message from Pastor John.
Duration: 1h23m
Date Recorded: 15/05/2022

Sunday Service (live) - 8th May 2022 - Peter and Tabitha (Dorcus)
The service will be led by Cloda with the message from Pastor John from Pastor John who is looking at Peter and the raising of Tabitha (Dorcus) and how this relates to "what's your relationship with God?"
Duration: 1h23m
Date Recorded: 08/05/2022

All Age Service (Live) - 1st May 2022 - From Small Things...
The service led by Chris with our Clare Hooper as our guest speaker bringing the message. Unfortunately we missed the first few minutes on the stream recording and are working to address the audio quality of the songs for next time!
Duration: 1h10m
Date Recorded: 01/05/2022

Sunday Service (Live) - 24th April 2022 - Believing is Seeing
This weeks service is led by Chris with the message from Wendy.
Duration: 1h10m
Date Recorded: 24/04/2022

Easter Sunday Service - 17th April 2022 - He has Risen
Easter Day service, led by Pastor John with a message on "He has risen".
Duration: 1h23m
Date Recorded: 17/04/2022

Good Friday Service - 15th April 2022 - It is Finished
The Service is led by Pastor John on the theme of "it is finished" - the service includes communion.
Duration: 48m
Date Recorded: 15/04/2022

All Age Service - 3rd April 2022 - Friendship & Generosity
This all age service is led by Paul which is themed on "Friendship & Generosity".
Duration: 1h06m
Date Recorded: 03/04/2022

Sunday Service on Mothering Sunday - 27th March 2022
Sunday Service on Mothering Sunday with a short message from Pastor John.
Duration: 0
Date Recorded: 27/03/2022

Sunday Service (Live) - 20th March 2022 - Deliver us from Temptation...
This week's service is led by Cloda with the messages brought to us Pastor John.
Duration: 1h28m
Date Recorded: 20/03/2022

Oasis Anniversary Service (inc. Communion), with The Leprosy Mission (Live) - 13th March 2022
This week's service is led by Ann, includes communion and has the messages brought to us by David of the Leprosy Mission.
Duration: 1h24m
Date Recorded: 13/03/2022

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