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Here you will find recordings of our services and live streams - these are presently also accessible on our YouTube channel!

Note: at a future date our service videos will only become accessible via our website.

Our most recent service recording, or live stream, is...

Note: issues with sound at the beginning do not affect the message (Angel from LCM), songs or the communion

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Sunday Service with Communion and LCM
Sunday Service on 11th April 2021, message by Angel from London City Mission (LCM) and communion from Pastor John.
Duration: 1:20:00
Date Recorded: 11/04/2021

Easter Sunday Service Live Stream
Easter Sunday Service on 4th April 2021, message from Pastor John with live contributions from Cloda and Judy. Skip to 24 minutes in when the service starts proper!
Duration: 1:05:22
Date Recorded: 04/04/2021

Good Friday Service with Communion
Good Friday Service on 2nd April 2021, message and communion from Pastor John.
Duration: 0:58:25
Date Recorded: 02/04/2021

Palm Sunday Service
Palm Sunday Service on 28th March 2021, led by Chris with the message from Pastor John.
Duration: 0:58:39
Date Recorded: 28/03/2021

Sunday Service with guest speaker Elsie
This week's service is led by Ashlie, with Elsie bringing this week's message on God's new covenant with His people. Errata – Chat Caf runs on the 1st & 3rd SATURDAYS and not Sundays as displayed in the notices!
Duration: 1:02:09
Date Recorded: 21/03/2021

Mothering Sunday Service with Communion
Our service for Mothering Sunday which is led/hosted by Ann with the message brought to us by Wendy. The service starts with the weekly notices and ends with a time of communion led by Pastor John.
Duration: 1:12:45
Date Recorded: 14/03/2021

All Age Service linking Moses with Lent
All age service on 7th March 2021, led by Paul - Linking Moses with Lent!
Duration: 0:57:00
Date Recorded: 07/03/2021

Sunday Service with Geoff and Cesia
This week's service is led by Pastor John, with Geoff & Cesia giving us an update on their mission work and then the message on the 10 commandments.
Duration: 1:33:53
Date Recorded: 28/02/2021

Sunday Service looking at the Covenant with Abraham
This week's sevice is led by Pastor John with the message from Richard.D on God's covenant with Abraham.
Duration: 1:14:25
Date Recorded: 21/02/2021

Sunday Service with Communion
Sunday Service with Communion, led by Cloda with the message and communion by Pastor John.
Duration: 1:20:28
Date Recorded: 14/02/2021

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