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Oasis Anniversary Service (with Communion) - 14th April 2024

This week's service celebrates the Oasis Anniversary. The service is led by Ann with our guest speaker, Amanda from Boyne Hill, bringing us both commusion and the message today. APOLOGY NOTE: due to user error (not clicking go-live) the live-stream was not started on time and missed the first 5-minutes. NOTE: we are trying new new microphones and configuration this week to improve the live-stream sound quality. It will fluctuate until we get the mix right!

All Age Service (live) - 7th April 2024 - the “I Am” sayings of Jesus (contd.)

The all age service continues our look at the “I Am” sayings of Jesus and a new memory verse! The service is led by Paul with various helpers.

Easter Sunday Service ("alive") - 31st March 2024 - Jesus is Alive

Easter Sunday at Langley Free Church is led by Paul and helpers, including special guest "Herlock Sholmes"!!!

Good Friday Service (live) - 29th March 2024

This Good Friday service is led by Jim who also brings us the message.

Maundy Thursday & Communion (live) - 28th March 2024

This Mandy Thursday Service includes communion and is led by Tony.

Palm Sunday (live) - 24th March 2024 - Who Was in the Crowd

Today's Palm Sunday service is led by Aileen & Phil with the message brought by Aileen.

Sunday Service (live) -17th March 2024 - Love One Another

Today's service we have a guest speaker, Wayne from CCIS talking to us about his work in schools and then bringing the message on "Love One Another"

Sunday Service with Communion (live) -10th March 2024 - Mothers' Day Service

Today's special Mothers' Day service is led by Chris with the message and communion brought to us by Clare from the SCBA.

All Age Service (live) - 3rd March 2024 - Jesus’ “I Am” sayings; “I am the way, the truth and the Life”

The all age service takes a look at Jesus’ “I Am” sayings and a new memory verse! The service is led by Paul with various helpers.

Sunday Service (live) - 25th February 2024 - "The Lamb who took our place. The Lamb that was slain..."

The service is led by Ashlie with our guest speaker Brian bringing the message continuing with part 2 our Lent series.

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