The Church Leadership

Langley Free Church members have appointed 3 sub-groups within the overall Leadership of the Church, these are:

Elders (Elders are also Trustees)

While the Church is without a minister the Elder’s role is to oversee people’s spiritual well-being and pastoral care, assuming the full responsibilities of a Minister.

Current Elders are:

  • Wendy Williams,  Pastoral Co-ordinator
  • Tony Randall, Local Church Liaison and personal and group mentoring and development
  • Paul Noyce, Music Co-ordinator, vision and cohesion

Deacons (Deacons are also Trustees)

To share with the Elders the responsibility of the organisation of the day to day running of the church. Functions will include, but are not limited to, administration, finance, facilities and other day to day tasks.

Current Deacons are:

  • Kevin Schaffer,  Treasurer
  • Ann Portsmouth, Facilities
  • Jenna Kralyic,  Administration, Hall Hire, Safeguarding Trustee
  • Andy Johnston, Baptist Cluster Liaison
  • Judy Brady, Prayer Focus
  • Paul Noyce, Interim Church Secretary

The Church is also required to appoint a Treasurer and Secretary (Officers) from the Diaconate, they are currently:

  • Kevin Schaffer - treasurer
  • Paul Noyce - Secretary

Safeguarding Team

  • Lynsey Sharkey, Designated Person for Safeguarding (DPS)
  • Wendy Williams, Deputy DPS
  • Heidi Johnston, Deputy DPS
  • Jenna Kralyic, Safeguarding Trustee
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