Wonder Zone - Experiment 2
















Junk Modelling: - We hope you all enjoyed having ago at making a volcano. This week we have been thinking about the universe and space so your challenge is to make a Junk Model Rocket or Spaceship. Here are some pictures to give you some inspiration.

This week the bible verse is a codebreaker challenge (you can click and print if you want or just write it down)                                                         


Don't forget that you can try some of the experiments yourself you can either try some of the things you've seen here or go to faradaykids.com and go to the activities section where they have lots of ideas for you to do. Remember to get your grown-up's permission first and you will probably need their help to gather all the bits you will need.

Please send us pictures of any of your fabulous craft creations, experiments or junk models at lfc-kids-online@langleyfree.org.uk then we can share them here with everyone and i think we might find a prize or two for some of the best ones!

God Bless until next time





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