Week 11 Paul's Journeys

So today is Father's day and many of you will be giving gifts and cards to show your Dad's how much they mean to you. For some people it will be different as they won't be able to spend time with their Dad's today which will be hard and other's won't have Dad's to give gifts to. Remember God is your Father in Heaven and loves you more than you're earthly Father's ever can, he is always there for you to talk to & rely on.

In today's session we're  going to think about the life of Paul & his journey's telling people about Jesus

Story: Paul


Craft:Sign post of Paul's journeys                      


Places Paul visited Damascus,Jerusalem,Island of Cyprus,Antioch and Troas,Philippi,Ephesus,Caesarea, Athens and Corinth,Island of Malta,Rome

Song Paul's journey 

Prayer to join in:


Song - Everybody Everywhere


Print & Do



Paul's Journey Worksheet



A challenge for you all is to write a letter/email, make card, colour a picture and send it to someone that you haven't been able to see or speak to for a while

And For you Older ones

Bible verse challenge  this ones a bit easier 


Last week's Answers

Spot the difference



Word Scramble