Week 10 - Peter, John & the Lame man

Hi everyone

We hope that you are all staying well this week. If you have been able to return to school we hope that you enjoyed it and didn't find it too strange with all the new rules. If you are still doing all your school work at home we hope that you are able to enjoy what you are doing and are still learning well. What we want you to know that where ever you are and what ever you are doing God loves you and cares for you all the time. As the song goes "Anytime, anywhere, whoever you are whatever you wear you can be a member of God's family." Also know that we are thinking of you and praying for you all.

Now on to this weeks session - week 10! Peter, John and the Lame man.

Bible Reading

Introduction Talk & Prayer

Song: Silver & Gold have I none

Story video


This Week's Craft (How-To Video & Template)


Print & Do


Spot the difference



Word Scramble

And For you Older ones

Lame Man cup puppet craft - Instructions


For last week's worksheet answers  - CLICK HERE    

Bible verse race answers